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I don’t vacation very well. I always have a hard time settling in and then get antsy after a couple of days once I finally do. Most of it has to do with not feeling like I have a purpose or that I feel lazy, although I know sometimes my purpose should be to just slow down and enjoy doing nothing!

As the band has been travelling more this year than ever before, I’m realizing quite how much I enjoy being on the road in this way. It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario for a person like me. I get to visit fantastic cities, experience other cultures and meet new people– all the while knowing that that night (or the next) I get to play music for people!

Every fantastic situation has it’s downsides of course– all night drives, interesting hotels and, worst of all, missing the one you love the most. These things are not to go unnoticed, but I feel very fortunate none the less.

Now, I have to be off and finish final preparations before we load up the van tomorrow! As a parting gift in honor of our new album Stay/Go finally being officially released Nov 27th, we want to extend a gift to you all as a thank you for your support. Click the link below for a free download of the song ‘Future Light’. It’s been getting good airtime on the radio, and we want you to be able to join in the fun!

Download future light here!


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